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The "Enterprise Evaluation" versions are freely available and can be downloaded from the links within the table below. These versions are full functional , but they will stop working ( expire ) on August 1st, 2021.

Since the development of this product has ended , these "Enterprise Evaluation" versions will be the final evaluation versions. After August 1st 2021, the free but restricted 256 MB 64bit version will remain available for evaluation. A 32bit evaluation version will not be available anymore after August 1st 2021.

Please read the included Instructions carefully before installing the software.

Remarks :

Instead of installing the RAMDisk via the "Add Hardware Wizard" , one may use the alternative "QsoftRAMDiskHelpInstall.exe" installer program that can be downloaded at QsoftRAMDiskHelpInstall.7z . Please read "Instructions.txt" within QsoftRAMDiskHelpInstall.7z. This Install helper shall NOT be used to update an existing installation !
Be aware that a 32-bit version of the RAMDisk will not install and run on a 64-bit OS. The 64-bit version of the RAMDisk will not install and run on a 32-bit version of the OS either.

The downloadable 7-Zip packages below contain a RAMDrivDMP.bat that can be used to read the RAMDisk specific registry content, thus without having to start Regedit.exe and to navigate to those specific keys. That BAT file needs "regdmp.exe" ( registry dump utility ) included within the ZIP package, which must reside in the same folder as where RAMDrivDMP.bat has been stored. On Vista and Windows 7 , the RAMDrivDMP.bat must explicitely be started "As Administrator" . Everyone who want to report a problem should provide the ramdisk specific registry content to allow the necessary fault analysis.

People that are interested to use the Enterprise Version 5.3.2.* within PE ( Microsoft PE or BartPE ) may download RAMDriv_5_3_2_X_PE.7z. Details can be read in RAMDriv_5.3.2.X_PE.txt within the compressed file. The 7-Zip contains also plugins for both Windows PE and BartPE. Please notice that the RAMDriv.sys file within these plugins must be replaced with the most actual version of RAMDRiv.sys. The "devcon.exe" program within the plugins does not work on 64-bit OS versions. On 64-bit OS versions , one has to replace it with the 64-bit version of the program that is made freely available from Microsoft. Take also a look at this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BartPE.

Also , please read News & Announcements for actual tips and information , especially topic 2020, Mars 21th : Procedure to repair/install the ramdisk in a basic hard manner ( updated on 2020, October 15th )

How to purchase the "Enterprise" version :

ATTENTION : Donations ( any amount ) will NOT be paid back for any non-technical reason or for any technical reason that could have been detected by using the "Evaluation" version ! Please install and run the "Evaluation" version to check if the RAMDisk meets your requirements before making any purchase.


OS built



Download Evaluation version
( 7-Zip archive )


Enterprise  (1)

32-bit (x86)

Minimal support , no updates ( no 64-bit version )

$ 9 USD

Enterprise  (1)

64-bit (x64)

Minimal support , no updates ( no 32-bit version )

$11 USD

Download will close on
2021 July 31th

Enterprise  (1)

64-bit (x64)

256 MB restricted version , no support ( no 32-bit version )

Free !


(1) : Installs and runs on Windows 10 / Server 2016 with "UEFI Secure Boot" enabled.

The ramdisk is provided by means of a link to a 7-Zip compressed file ( see : http://www.7-zip.org/ ) within the E-mail returned to the buyer whose address was sent by PayPal or to a previously agreed email address. Everyone who purchased software, is still strongly invited to reply upon the receipt of the software. It often happens that users do not receive the mail upon their payment because E-mails are blocked by mailservers for all kind of reasons or even due to malfunctioning, whereby the E-mail gets lost. Everyone is strongly invited to send a message if the software does not arrive within the 48 hours that followed the payment.